я находил влюбленность

у меня есть красивая девушка, и я в влюбленность. besides experiencing the stress of trying to find a job and stay local and the rest of life мой жизнь хороший жизнь.имя моей красивой подруги это анн.

Life in the country

Hello all,

Finally the semester is over. I am home with my family where life moves much slower than usual. I love spending time with my family, but I am getting somewhat bored. Compared to the average number of things that I do during school, I am currently moving backwards. One positive is that it gives me plenty of time to read. I am also teaching my self more Russian vocab. A negative is that I need some action the country is not a place to be up at 2am and decide to order a pizza while drinking or playing a board games with your friends.

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hey LA is great

this is my first journal entry and i am just getting used to this. last night i had a awesome time bryce laurence and I went to a club and had a blast. this whole trip has been just great. we also started talking to a couple of girls in a quiznos and was talking to them about LA when we finished talking to them and asked them directions to a place called california pizza kitchen they offered us a ride.